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About Carefree Therapy Massage (Formerly Carefree Services)

A Great Massage - Do you want a massage that is therapeutically healing, gives you through relaxation and could even detox your body? You’ve come to the right place! About me!

Chuck massage therapist

About me - I'm Chuck a therapist and I offer a wide range exceptional massage in  Carefree AZ. Treatments for medical healing and relaxation.  My massage has been described as “Caring with great awareness of the body, really understanding how to promote healing from within.”  I also provide massage in Cave Creek, North Phoenix, Anthem and Northern Scottsdale.

The Massage you've been looking for You’ll receive a massage where feeling good is good for your body, mind and spirit. A massage that progressively works your muscles deeper, relaxing the nervous system as it softens tight muscles and connective tissue. A massage that is both wonderfully Therapeutic and relaxing for the mind.

~~~ All Massages Have A 100% Money-Back Guarantee ~~~

If you are not absolutely thrilled and delighted with your experience with the massage, let me know and I’ll pay for your treatment, no questions asked.

Hours: are by appointment only: days, evenings and weekends.  

LocationSuite 7A, 11 Sundial Circle, Carefree, AZ 85377

General Massage Modalities 

General Massages and treatments including: * Relaxation Massage * Reflexology * Medical Massage * Psoas Muscle Relaxation * Cupping for massage or detox * Deep Tissue Massage * Thai Foot Massage * Energy Healing * Guided Meditation

90 minute massages           $90

A great massage length for effective relaxation and healing. Can include custom blends of multiple treatment.  

60 minute massages           $60

Can include custom blends of multiple treatment. 

Two hour massages            $120

A two hour is and amazing way to completely relax and pamper yourself. 

Specialty Treatments:

* Nurturing Touch Massage© (Esalen style massage) * Hawaiian Lomi Lomi * Lymphatic Massage * Women’s Well Care Breast Therapy * Dry Brushing Detox * Scar Reduction

Lymphatic Detox

Lymphatic Detox 90 minutes - $90

Lymphatic Massage is an extremely gentle treatment that stimulated the lymphatic system just under the skin to release waist fluids from your body.

Lymphatic Detox 120 minutes - $120


Nurturing Touch Massage©

Nurturing Touch Massage© 90 minutes - $90

Nurturing Touch Massage© is an Esalen-style massage; it focuses on much more than just the muscular and neural physiology. Even though it is a very therapeutically effective massage, it transcends typical massages and incorporates other healing modalities and energies as well.

Nurturing Touch Massage© 120 minutes



Hawaiian Lomi Lomi 

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi 90 minutes


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is a form of full body massage that is unlike any other massage modality. The main difference is that the massage is performed on your entire body at once. Lomi Lomi massage uses long flowing strokes that go from head to toe in a continuous rhythmic movements. At times massaging both the top and the underside of your body

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi 120 minutes


Women’s Well Care Breast Therapy 60 minutes


A relaxing and therapeutic mix of Lymphatic detox and Breast health treatments. Can be added to other massages. 

Dry Brushing Detox 30 minutes


Dry brushing stimulates the Lymphatic system and exfoliates the skin. Can be an add-on to other massages.

Scar Tissue Reduction 60 minutes


I gentle treatment that softens scar tisue And removes painful adhesions.  Can be an add-on to other massages.

I can also bring everything to your location. This luxury allows you to relax in the comfort of your home after your massage. No hurry, no traffic to deal with, just relax and be pampered. In home massage travel fee is an additional $45.00.

Call for an appointment or more information! The best way to contact me is by calling 602-448-3362.

Location:   Suite 7A, 11 Sundial Circle, Carefree, AZ 85377

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I'm a member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals Association, and I'm nationally certified and state licensed.

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Research continues to show that massage therapy can be effective for a number of conditions and demographics. Massage therapy can play an important role in health and wellness regimes.  



Directions to Carefree Therapy Massage

Directions to Carefree Therapy Massage

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Location:   Suite 7A, 11 Sundial Circle, Carefree, AZ 85377